Brain cancer survivor reveals how to beat and treat serious diseases including Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, Alzheimers, and much more.

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My name is Dr. Carl Bamlet

I’m a chiropractor, certified nutrition specialist and a modern caveman.

I almost lost my life when I was just 19 years old. After enduring long months of excruciating headaches and blurred vision, it turned out I had something called pineal germinoma...

...otherwise known as brain cancer.

This illness turned my world upside down. I dropped out of college to undergo chemotherapy and radiation.

On top of that, I went through two brain surgeries and the drugs I had to take made me weak and sick all the time.

I was terrified of what my life had become.

The surgeries removed my tumor, but I was told there was still a significant chance of my cancer coming back in the years to come.

At less than 20 years old, it felt like a death sentence hanging over my head.

But it’s not the end of the world...

I thought to myself that I had to find a positive lining no matter how devastating my condition was.

And that’s what I did…

I was determined to take back my health.

My mission was clear: I had to figure out what I could do to rid myself of cancer, and maintain my cancer-free prognosis and live a long, full life.

I didn’t just want to fight cancer… I also wanted to help others like me find the answers to the same questions I had.

As I course through life, I became more and more aware of all of the people around me who were falling victim to crippling conditions such as obesity, heart illness, and Type 2 diabetes.

I saw my friends tragically lose their parents at a young age. Many of my family members also suffered.

All around me I saw lives being dictated by illness. This wasn’t the future I wanted for myself or my loved ones.

I felt powerless as I watched their health decline - it seemed like there was nothing I could do.

So, I wanted to empower myself and find a way to do something about this situation.

Thus, I began my journey into the world of natural illness prevention.

I made it my life’s mission to uncover the scientific truth of how you can take back your health, lose weight, and enjoy a long, happy, illness-free life.

I studied nutrition and chiropractic medicine in college. After that, I finished my doctorate as a chiropractor and went on to complete a postgraduate certificate in acupuncture.

However, I expanded my learning beyond the Western model of medicine because I didn’t get ALL the answers I was looking for.

So, I studied holistic medicine which included Eastern medical practices. I discovered incredible results when it came to natural illness prevention and reversal.

I sought experts all over the world and interviewed them. This helped me uncover a new approach to treating illnesses that I didn’t know about until now.

I investigated the claims of drug companies and pored over the results of their studies. I had to find out for myself if their claims were true...

...or if they were just pulling the wool over people’s eyes and exploiting an overfed and undernourished public.

Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of patients and personally witnessed a lot of success stories.

Most of them weren’t getting results with the traditional approach… they tried a different method which radically transformed their lives.

Slowly but surely, I put the pieces of the puzzle together. Throughout my journey, I applied the precious bits of hard-earned knowledge I picked up along the way.

Not only did my health improve, but I also managed to turn around my situation completely.

And today, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve been cancer-free for the last 12 years.

I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been.

It’s all because I discovered the nutritional truth behind the simple lifestyle changes that you can make, starting today…

...and these changes will create a MASSIVE impact on every aspect of your well-being.

FREE access to the first
8 Episodes of the Food, Health, & You Docuseries

PLUS get the free report The Top 25 Foods That Prevent & Fight Disease

Here’s a quick overview of the Episodes:

Episode 1 - The Scary Truth About Sugar

In this episode, you’ll discover the real reason why the so-called “expert” advice of eating less and exercising more is counterproductive from a nutritional standpoint. In fact, you’ll stand to gain even more weight and destroy your metabolism in the process!

You’ll discover the reasons why Type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart illness, dementia, and obesity are increasing at a terrifying rate… and find out what really works when it comes to preventing these illnesses.

Episode 2 - How To Burn Fat and Lose Weight

In this episode, you’ll learn why you should stop counting calories if you want to lose weight quickly AND safely. (Hint: the secret to effortless and sustainable weight loss is WAY simpler than you think!).

For the longest time, we’ve been led to think that we need to cut down on calories and spend a good chunk of our time working out. But this outdated approach isn’t just counterproductive, but also dangerous!

Episode 3 - The Truth About Diabetes

This episode reveals the solution to what experts are calling “a lifestyle-driven epidemic.” Learn how to put yourself in charge of your dietary choices so you can prevent type 2 diabetes or turn it around.

Most people don’t realize how their eating habits are sabotaging their metabolism. A lot of foods cause a huge spike in our blood sugar, which could lead to hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance and ultimately, type 2 diabetes. And things only get worse from there - it could also open the door to chronic inflammation and even cancer!

Episode 4 - Gut Health

In this episode, you’ll discover how the unique ecosystem of your gut bacteria affects your overall health (and how to keep it in perfect balance).

Uncover the real reasons why your digestive system is at the root of all of your health concerns, whether it’s your immune system, mental health, or even the general quality of your life!

You can use this knowledge to heal your body inside out, boost your energy levels, lift your brain fog, lose weight, and more.

Episode 5 - Problems with Gluten and Gluten Free, What Next?

In this episode, we expose the truth about gluten and a ‘gluten-free’ diet. Don’t fall for the trap of weeding gluten from your diet and replacing it with something just as unhealthy!

Become an expert on identifying gluten-free “junk foods” so you can steer clear of them and avoid feeling sick.

Episode 6 - Fighting Cancer With Nutrition

In this episode, we’ll tackle the big “C.” Discover why cancer is like a plant and how our environment causes it to thrive.

Understand the importance of epigenetics and the role it plays in your personal cancer risk. Which people get cancer and what can you do to avoid it?

Episode 7 - Sleep, Toxins, and Autoimmune Wellness

This episode shows you what to do if you have a type of autoimmune disease.

We’ll help you negotiate your way through treatment options and learn how to manage this condition - and even keep it at bay for good. Finally, you’ll get the answers you need and stop your immune system from attacking you!

Episode 8 - Are Fake Sweeteners Worse Than Sugar?

In this episode, we’ll find out the shocking truth about the shortening life expectancy of our children’s and grandchildren’s generations.

We’re living in a time where brightly-colored artificial food is cleverly designed to appeal to the senses - but offer ZERO nutrition. Learn how to see through the clever marketing of so-called “health foods” before it’s too late.

Discover how the science behind ‘sugar dysregulation’ is slowly killing us - and how to STOP it!

The Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System is the only one of its kind that focuses on the root cause of modern illnesses brought about by our “convenient” lifestyle.

This is more than just a documentary series. The Food, Health, & You features a Complete Implementation System which takes a revolutionary approach and provides much more than just simple facts.

We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to help you radically transform the current state of your well-being and keep you healthy into old age.

Here are the Top 4 Benefits of Food, Health & You

  • It Gets To The Root Cause of Poor Health – Instead of merely masking the symptoms with prescription drugs, you’ll learn how to identify and treat the underlying issues. That way, they don’t have to get in the way of living your life again.

  • You’ll Get Our Life-Changing Insights – We’ve gathered the leading health and illness-prevention experts in one place. That means you’ll get the most objective, unbiased advice possible so you can create a lifestyle that supports your goals. None of these experts are funded by food corporations or the “Big Pharma,” so their only mission is to arm you with the truth to destroy the biggest threats to your health!

  • You’ll Get a Practical Approach to Get Amazing Results – Food, Health, & You was created with the purpose of making your transition to healthy living as smoothly as possible. These changes will integrate into your life seamlessly and you’ll never feel deprived even after you’ve made the switch.

  • We’ll Help You Take Concrete Action – How many times have you read a book or watched a documentary and wanted to change something in your life… but never actually did anything about it? One of the core strengths of Food, Health, & You is that it’s more than a documentary series. It’s a holistic system that’s going to propel you into taking action so you can get tangible results.

FREE access to the first
8 Episodes of the Food, Health, & You Docuseries

PLUS get the free report The Top 25 Foods That Prevent & Fight Disease